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Offering the lowest repayment rates for highly qualified businesses.

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What Could $200k Do For You?

Imagine the possibilities when you have exclusive financial support at your fingertips. With DAC's Select Funding, your highly qualified business can unlock new levels of growth and success. Our Select Funding solution enables you to focus on what truly matters—expanding your business and increasing profitability.

With our premium funding, you can:

Grow Your Business

Purchase Inventory

Enhance Your Marketing

Expand Your Operations

Hire Top Talent

Improve Cash Flow

Why Chose DAC's Select Funding?

Lowest Repayment Rates.

For highly qualified businesses, we offer repayment rates of 1.18-1.29x the advanced amount. This is the lowest available in the industry, compared to the usual 1.3-1.5x repayment rates.

Fast-Track Approvals and Immediate Funding

Approval Offers and Funding Deposited to Your Bank Account in Just One Business Day

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Do You Qualify for Our Select Funding?

Unlock the lowest repayment rates and premium funding options available exclusively for top-performing businesses. Our Select Funding is designed to provide the best funding pricing for highly qualified businesses, ensuring you get the funding you need to grow and thrive.

Qualification Criteria:
  • 3+ Years Years In Business
  • $100,000+ Monthly Sales
  • 700+ FICO Score

Don't Qualify For Select?  Our Standard Funding Might Be The Right Fit.

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