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Why Have A DAC Affiliate Agency

REFER innovative Flat-Fee Pharmacy membership

REFER innovative Business Funding platform

REFER innovative healthcare services

Refer Other Essential Services

Work From where And When you want

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immediate income available

proven & effective free training

Earn Personal Commissions with DAILY PAY*

You will receive TODAY MONEY  for each client that you personally introduce to DAC. These bonuses are paid DAILY and range from 40-80% of Bonus Revenue, (Example: Help a client get a $50,000 funding and earn $2,000-4,000 (tomorrow). For other services, you earn TOMORROW MONEY (Monthly Residual Income) for the life of the customer. There is no limit to the number of clients you can assist.

Note-If you own a business, you cannot act as the Independent Sales Agent for your own capital or advance. The agent who referred you to DAC will receive the personal commission credit.

Enroller Bonus Income Match*

We believe in rewarding you for helping others PERFORM, not just for “getting started”. If you refer others who start their own DAC Agency, you can qualify to earn Enroller Bonus Income Match of 10-50% of their personal commission-permanently! Example: One of your personally Enrolled Agencies helps a client get a $20,000 funding. They would earn their commission of $800. Your Enroller Income Match would be either 10%, 25% or 50% of their Personal Commission. So for $800, your Enroller Income Match would be $80-$400. The more you help them earn, the more you earn. If you help someone earn $100,000 per year in Personal Commissions, you would earn from $10,000-$50,000 from them alone. For other services you can earn Monthly Residual Income for as long as their customer uses our service. There is no limit to the number of independent agents you can personally refer.

Extended Agency Bonus Overrides

If your personally enrolled agencies enroll other agencies, this develops your Extended Agency team. You can qualify to earn Override Income Match Bonuses of 10-50% on your entire agency team’s personal commission income. Do you think you will want to help your team earn a lot or a little?

Leadership Bonus Overrides*

You can also qualify to receive additional leadership level  overrides as you help your team member agencies reach leadership levels in DAC. You can earn from 10%-50% income match of all personal commissions earned in your leadership teams. These overrides allow you to get paid on several levels of your organization.

Residual Income and Other Perks*

Upon Qualification, DAC will pay you residual income on the other DAC Business Services.

Note-If you own a business, you cannot act as the Independent Sales Agent for your own capital or advance. The agent who referred you to DAC will receive the personal commission credit.
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Have questions? Contact your referring DAC Agent. Their contact information is listed at top of page.

*All income claims or explanations are for mathmatical sample and educational purposes.  Income is ONLY EARNED when you help to secure a client who is funded with capital.  You should not expect to earn any of the incomes shown above as they are shown for demonstration purposes only and are NOT LIKELY.  There is no income guarantee, nor is there an income ceiling.  The DAC Compensation Plan is a Results-Based commission plan – meaning only funded clients will produce income for you.