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Our Meet Or Beat Guarantee

Get $500 if BankBreezy cannot meet or beat your best funding offer!*

Simple And Fast

Receive a decision within 1 day and capital up to $2,000,000 as soon as 1-2 business days.

Small Business Focus

Specializing in small businesses, we work to get you money while you remain focused on your business.

Top Rated Providers

We only represent transparent, top rated, quick-turnaround providers with over $10 billion dollars funded so far.

Use As You Choose

Need to expand or take advantage of volume discounts? It’s your business, you decide how its used.

Qualification is simple! Do you qualify?

The minimum qualifications of our providers are less intensive than those of banks. We focus on getting you quick approval and fast capital.

Time In Business

Only need a minimum of 4 months in business


Serving Businesses anywhere in the U.S. or Canada

Personal Credit

Personal credit score must be at least 500+

Monthly Revenue

$5K+ Monthly Revenue. Not doing $5k+ month? Try our Self-Employed Option In Menu above


Over 700 different industries served

Why Are We Better?

DAC identifies and represents only the most reputable capital providers. We provide capital faster than a traditional bank with less intensive qualifications. Your revenue is valued most, rather than your credit score.
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More Affordable

Our fundings are typically up to 50% less expensive than a traditional merchant cash advance.

Fast Capital

You submit your application and we provide you with a fast decision.

Automatic Payment

You are setup with regular fixed payments so that you don’t have to worry about surprise obligations.

But seriously, how do our providers compare?

DACMost BanksCredit Card Advances
The Fastest Capital (Funded In Days)YESNONO
Value Cash Flow More Than Credit ScoreYESNOYES
Bad Credit Ok (only 500 FICO Score Needed)YESNOYES
Unsecured (No Collateral Needed)YESNOYES
Minimal Amount of PaperworkYESNONO
Repeat Customer BenefitsYESNONO
Simple Presentation of the Total Cost of the CapitalYESNONO
Note: Your capital or advance size, term and cost of capital will be based on our provider's analysis of your business as well as your history with DAC, if applicable.

Easy business capital.
Pricing per dollar & basic qualifications.

Total payback costs from 18¢-50¢ per borrowed dollar. Ex: Borrow $10,000 pay back $12,000-$15,000. Terms from 3-24 months

With a 6 month term, your total cost can be as low as 18¢ per dollar.

Average cost is 30¢ (eg: borrow $10,000, pay back $13,000).

Typical funding amount is $40,000.

With a 12 month term, your total cost can be as low as 18¢ per dollar.

Average cost is 35¢ (eg: borrow $10,000, pay back $13,500).

Typical funding amount is $80,000.

With a 24 month term, your total cost can be as low as 20¢ per dollar.

Average cost is 42¢.

Typical funding amount is $130,000.

Origination Fee

0%-5% of capital for your first funding (deducted from your capital advance at time of funding).

Example: $100,000 funding with 2% fees. $2,000 fee would be deducted from the funding, so $98,000 would be wired to you.

Minimum Qualifications

*Eligibility for the lowest prices shown above are reserved for customers with the strongest cash flows and credit profiles. Returning customers with the strongest credit profiles and excellent payment history on prior capital products from DAC are eligible for our even lower premier rates.

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Upload Documents

During the online application process you will upload 3 months of bank statements (PDF),  a voided check, and a copy of your drivers license.

Receive Offers

We will provide you with the best funding offers within 1 business day-and as fast as 1 hour.

*Must have $20K+ in monthly revenue each of the last (3) months. Must have been in business for 12 months. Must be a 1st or 2nd position only. Must provide us with any offer they receive from a competitor showing the detailed offer, funder name and have not signed any funding contract with another funder supplying that offer. Excludes high-risk business such as, but not limited to, transportation, real estate, adult industry businesses. No previous funding defaults or derogatory payment history. Offer expires 10 days after the offer has been presented to the client. Revenue Based Fundings Offers only. Best offer guarantee refers to the "cost of capital” only and the repayment amount only. Offer is subject to change without notice. Funding is subject to credit approval, background checks, and final bank verification process being completed and accepted. Certain restrictions apply. Not valid in California, Nevada, New York, Utah, Virginia, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana. Or any other states where best-offer guarantees are not permitted. This offer does not apply to any existing or past clients of the company.