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Our Affiliate Opportunity

Earn with DAC by simply promoting our innovative and essential business and consumer services. With some of our offerings, you have the opportunity to earn Immediate Bonuses – imagine receiving a check for over $1,000 within just 48 hours! Additionally, we offer the chance to build a sustainable, Passive Residual Income. By referring customers just once, you can continue earning for the lifetime of their engagement with us.

You will be paid to refer both business and consumer services.   The key is every service we market has experts ready to support your customers. So, you simply refer those potential clients to your website that we give you for free, and then the experts take over from there. Again, you're in business for yourself but not by yourself.

We provide all the necessary training, ensuring that while you're in business for yourself, you're not by yourself.

Joining DAC is absolutely free, with no investment required now or in the future.

Plus, with our 'Affiliate Agency Magnified' options, your earning potential expands further. As an affiliate, not only can you earn from your own customers, but you can also boost your income by referring other affiliates. The best part? You can earn a commission on every personal commission they make, not just in their first month but throughout their tenure with DAC.

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Why Become A DAC Affiliate?

Work wherever and whenever you want

Daily pay with immediate And Passive income available

FREE to Start and No Fees To DAC Later

proven & effective free training

REFER innovative Flat-Fee Pharmacy membership

REFER innovative Business Funding platform

REFER innovative healthcare services

Refer Other Essential Services

About DAC

DAC, established in 2015, is a reputable nationwide business with a solid eight-year track record. Our robust foundation is a testament to our financial strength, characterized by consistent profitability and a debt-free status year after year.

Our corporate team is comprised of seasoned professionals with decades of collective experience, ensuring expert guidance in every aspect of our operations. On the sales front, we boast a dynamic leadership team, poised for expansion. Our foundation is built and we are now actively seeking driven entrepreneurs to join us in growing their own affiliate businesses with DAC.

Business and Consumer Services

DAC offers a diverse range of both Business and Consumer Services, each essential, innovative, or both, and highly sought-after in the marketplace. Let’s explore some of our standout offerings:

  1. Small Business Funding: Our flagship Business Service provides Instant and Next Day funding -as well as Lines of Credit (LOC)).  With over 80% of American businesses unable to secure bank business loans due to lack of collateral or business performance, DAC fills this gap effectively. We can get over 80% of them funding offers and when we secure funding for a business, you generally receive your referral bonuses the next business day.

  2. DAC FlatFee Rx Membership: This innovative program is like Netflix for pharmaceuticals. For a small monthly fee ( $19.95 individuals or $29.95 family), members get access to over 800 free medications, covering over 90% of the most prescribed drugs. Additional benefits include discounted prices on the non-free medications, free diabetes medication and kit upon joining, and America's lowest-priced insulin. Members can also add Over-The-Counter Medications at a 50% discount shipped with their meds. This service is ideal for individuals, employers, and as a fundraising program.  You are paid residual income for the life of their membership.

  3. HealthShare: Our medical sharing plan offers an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance. With same or superior coverage at significantly lower monthly costs and deductibles, we save families an average of 60-80% on their insurance expenses. This plan is available to both individual consumers and employers.  You are paid residual income for the life of their membership.

  4. Merchant Processing: We help businesses reduce their credit card processing fees, allowing them to retain more of their monthly sales. Our service includes the latest processing equipment, tailored to modern business needs.  You are paid residual income for the life of their membership.

  5. Digital Pay Card and Pay Advance: A convenient solution for employers, this digital pay card streamlines payroll processes and offers employees early access to up to half of their paycheck with a minimal ATM fee of $2.95, making it a win-win for both parties.  You are paid bonuses and residual income for the life of their membership.

  6. DAC Identity Protection: Our identity theft protection and credit monitoring service offers comprehensive coverage at a more affordable rate than competitors like LifeLock™, ensuring peace of mind for our customers. You are paid residual income for the life of their membership.

Each of these services is designed to meet the specific needs of our clients, providing value and convenience in today’s fast-paced world.

Affiliate Agency Compensation

How are you compensated at DAC? It's straightforward. Let's break down the different income streams:

  1. Immediate Income from Personal Customers You Refer:

    • Focus on earnings from your personal referrals.
    • Example: Refer a business that secures $60,000 in funding, and you could earn approximately $2,400.
    • These bonuses are paid daily, meaning you get paid the next day.
  2. Passive Residual Income from Personal Customers You Refer:

    • Earn monthly for every customer you refer, as long as they continue using our service.
    • A steady income stream built from your initial referral efforts.
  3. Introducing Other Affiliates - Income Magnified:

    • Refer new affiliates at no cost to them.
    • They follow the same pay plan as you.
    • Earn a percentage from every personal commission they make.
    • Extend your earnings through a seven-level team of referrals.
  4. Leadership Income and Perks:

    • Build a team of productive affiliates and climb the leadership ranks.
    • Earn beyond the initial seven levels of referrals.
    • Additional perks include car allowances, expense allowances, company-wide revenue sharing, and even equity options.

Our compensation model is designed to reward your efforts at every step, from immediate income to long-term residual earnings and leadership perks. Join us and leverage these opportunities to maximize your earning potential.

Proven Training and Support

At DAC, we are committed to providing our affiliates with top-notch training and resources to ensure their success.

Our comprehensive training program includes an Step-By-Step Getting Started guide with Service Referral Trainings and Income Game Plans. We also provide you with a FREE Agent Resource Center, filled with a wide array of marketing materials to aid in effective promotion. Affiliates also benefit from FREE replicated websites, which serve as personalized online platforms for client engagement and business management. In addition, our cloud-based training system offers a rich library of video content, accessible anytime to suit your learning pace and schedule. Regular live calls, hosted by both corporate leaders and experienced team members, offer real-time learning and interactive support.  Your team leaders are also engaged and financially incentivized to help you achieve your own financial success.

Additionally, our robust back office system enables affiliates to track all aspects of their business seamlessly, including real-time monitoring of referrals and earnings, and efficient management of client interactions and financial transactions.

At DAC, we believe in empowering you to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, providing you with the necessary tools and guidance every step of the way.

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*All income claims or explanations are for mathmatical sample and educational purposes.  Income is ONLY EARNED when you help to secure a client.  You should not expect to earn any of the incomes shown above as they are shown for demonstration purposes only and are NOT LIKELY.  There is no income guarantee, nor is there an income ceiling.  The DAC Compensation Plan is a Results-Based commission plan – meaning only clients will produce income for you.