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Team Building Documents/Tools

Complete Saturday Training Video

Complete “Saturday” Training. (Mindset, Three Things To Master, Comp Plan Bonuses and Residuals, Client Acquisitions for all services, Recruiting, Trailblazer Strategies, Q&A.

Service Star Qualification and Benefits

Service Star Video

  1. Saturday Training covers everything you need as new agent
  2. Growth Stages Of Leadership in DAC
  3. Agent Opportunity Slides 1/3/2020. [PowerPoint] [KeyNote]
  4. Seven Step Business Presentation Overview
  5. Game Plan Meeting Agenda Overview
  6. The Three Funnels We Need Build and Work
  7. Join The Trailblazer Email List
  8. Recruiting Text Images (DAC Business Funding Agents) or (DAC Business Service Agents)
Consumer Services Info
  1. DACProtect Bundle Welcome Pack and Information (learn more). This includes ID Protect+, Credit Monitoring, Tech Support, and Roadside Assistance shown below. Order at
  2. DACProtect ID Theft Protection Insurance (learn more) and Credit Monitoring  (learn more) Order at
  3. DACProtect Tech Support (learn more) Order at
  4. DACProtect RoadSide Assistance (learn more) Order at
  5. DACTravel Hotel and Event Savings (learn more)
  6. DACrx Discount Pharmacy Card
  7. Consumer Services Pricing, Retail Profit and QV/BV Chart

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Calendar Of Zoom Events or dial (346) 248-7799 meeting ID#328-432-5536

Monday thru Friday 1:00PM EDT
DAC Recruiting Presentation for prospects.

Link to most recent recording (5/14)

Monday’s 2:00PM EDT
DAC Leader’s Call. 
Link to most recent recording (5/18)

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Tuesday’s 8:00PM EDT
DAC Services Training (including Live Q&A)
Link to most recent healthcare recording (6/2)
Link to most recent Payment Processing Training (5/26)
Link to most recent funding recording (5/19)
Link to most recent Service Star and Consumer Service Discussion (5/12)

Wednesday’s 2:00PM EDT
DAC Agent Update / Training Call
Link to most recent recording (5/20)

Thursday’s 9:00PM EDT DAC Recruiting Presentation 
Link to most recent recording (4/30)

Friday’s 11:30AM EDT Agent Training
Link to most recent recording (5/29) or dial (346) 248-7799 meeting ID#328-432-5536

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