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3 Must Watch Trainings Before Speaking With Clients!


(updated 5.27.21)


(Updated 11.2.21)


(Updated 5.27.21)

Business Services Trainings

Super Saturday 11.20.21 Workbook and Video

Business Capital
  1. Business Capital Quick Reference Sheet (Funding Amount, Terms, Requirements) PDF 7/31/21
  2. Bank Breezy Launch and Comp Enhancement Announcements video
  3. BankBreezy Marketing Images and Video Folder.
  4. Business Funding Training (Features, Pricing, and Process video  Same as Video 2 Above  5/20/21
  5. Bank Breezy Status Update Codes PDF 8/2/21
  6. Our Beliefs Before Talking To Clients video
  7. What Are The Rates? video
  8. Prospecting Script (1/2019) PDF
  9. Sample Email/Texts (4/15/20) PDF
  10. Your replicated site:
  11. Your instant approval up to $25k replicated site YourID#
Payment Processing
  1. Overview of Service, Equipment, Process, and Support Contacts. Video 8/5/21
  2. Link To Brochure Folder
  3. Your replicated site:
Customer Financing For Business Owners
  1. Overview of Service Video 7/22/21
  2. Link To Brochure Folder
  3. Customer Finance Status Update Codes PDF 6/1/21
  4. Your Replicated Site:
PPP Loans (Discontinued)
  1. Funded Value (click here)
  2. These have been discontinued. As we are paid from our suppliers we will notify and compensate you.
Health Care and Insurances (site)
  1. HealthCare Training video
  2. DAC Healthcare With Special Guests video
  3. Brochure-SBA Freedom Plans (PDF)
  4. SBA Freedom Plans Compensation video
  5. License Coach Order With DAC Discount Code Save (Pay $25 at checkout rather than $199)
  6. Your replicated site:

Home Services Training

  1. DACProtect ID Theft Protection Insurance (learn more) and Credit Monitoring  (learn more)
  2. DACrx Discount Pharmacy Card
  3. Consumer Services Pricing, Retail Profit and QV/BV Chart
  4. DACProtect-How to access service, modify credit card on file, or cancel service (video)
  5. All Services Overview and Customer Acquisition Training Video


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    Agent Of The Month Video Interviews
    1. Erika Sylliaasen –Dec 2021
    2. Shante Roddy – Nov 2021
    3. Ellen Winn – Oct 2021
    4. Shante Roddy – Sept 2021
    5. Michael Dew – August 2021
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    9. Mathew DuHaime – April 2021
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    11. Harlequin Murray Feb 2021
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    13. Torrence Roberts Dec 2020
    14. Truce Pierre Nov 2020
    15. Mathew DuHaime Oct 2020
    16. Ellen Winn – Sept 2020
    17. Noah Siegmann – Aug-2020

    Miscellaneous Team Building Tools

    1. Business Opportunity Slides Version 8.25.21 Powerpoint or Mac Keynote
    2. Client Relationship Sheet
    3. Growth Stages Of Leadership in DAC
    4. Game Plan PDF 8.30.21
    5. The Three Funnels We Need Build and Work
    6. Recruiting Text Images (DAC Business Funding Agents) or (DAC Business Service Agents)
    7. Upline Referral Script For Recruiting PDF
    8. Upline Referral Script For Client Acquisition PDF
    9. Paper Funding Application

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ Document) 8/16/21

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